The Newsome Center of Reconciliation

We have been serving the men of the TDCJ Johnston unit in Winnsboro Texas since 2007


Manhood class at 7:00 p.m. Monday nights at TDCJ Johnston Unit

July 22-24 2011  

Wild at Heart Bootcamp

We had the awesome opportunity to team up with the wild at heart group

Witnessed 55 men receive their hearts back during the 3 day bootcamp


Tuesday August 9th 2011

42- men followed their Lord Jesus Christ in Baptism



January 6-8 2012

Wild at Heart Bootcamp


June 12th 2012

With over 150 men present in the manhood class Tuesday night. The Holy Spirit showed up and led more than 60 men to the Father. In an incredible display of power men lives were transformed and lives were changed forever. Praise God !!! The work at the Johnston unit continues to grow in power and with signs and wonders following. We covet your prayers and support for the work being done in the lives of these brothers, husbands, and daddys here in our community. To God goes the Glory.

Testimonies from Hero's boot camp September 2015

• It is changed and saved my life. As and Afghanistan combat veteran came home Lost scared and confused, This is showing me how to live my life giving me new purpose. PTSD from war pushed me to drugs abuse and I feel this class intervening at this time could have saved me.

 • I learned a lot I needed this I've been going through a lot until a couple of weeks ago I gave my life to God and this program makes me want to even more! I wish y'all would come every weekend without the food I enjoyed that too but then you would know who was serious.

Testimonies from Hero's boot camp August 2012


I want to lead Heroes Boot Camps.  I really do.  I loved this weekend.  I told my mother all about it on the phone Saturday night, about the video clips, Satan, being passive, fighting for my heart, John’s story.. wow.. .  This was such a great experience.  God has changed my life.  Thank you!!  –Randall


I gave my heart to Jesus this weekend.  Jesus is my sword and I’m going to live adventurously with him.  I’ve said for years that I’m going to be different but continued to do the same things.  Not anymore.  I am now God’s son and I know I have what it takes.  –Christopher