Our community and our neighbors are very important!

Join us in the victory over drugs and alcohol in Newsome.


We believe its time to focus on the lost art of being neighbors !!!

Community  Mission Aid Requests are now available

Community Outreach

 Church in the bar ditch

In an effort to love our neighbors several ministries came together in Jesus name.

An estimated 250 people from the Newsome area were served some of the best fried catfish and cheese burgers ever served by the side of the road.

We are looking forward to another feeding some time in the fall.

Ya'll be sure and come join us next time. 

We would like to say thank you to all those who made this event possible.


Holidays 2011

Community Hayride offering gifts to the families of the community

       Smores, did someone say Smores?
        Taking down a "big" dead tree for a neighbor

                 Lumberjack Joseph says " Next "

Feeding Newsome 

We fed around 200 of our neighbors that day and had a great time of fellowship.

Thanks to all those who came out. It was a great day for fellowship and Church in the bar ditch

Merry Christmas!

Here we had a hay ride around Christmas time and delivered gifts and hot apple cider door to door, taking care of our neighbors and spreading the Christmas spirit!!