Chris Stewart
Graduated Residential Program August 3, 2014.
Everyone at Newcor is totally excited to see the growth in Chris's life.  He has truly become a member of the family.  We were really blessed when he made his decision to stay after graduation.  He is now a valued member of the ministry's leadership.

Chris' Testimony

Since I have been here at Newcor, I have changed from a broken, hopeless drug addict, into a healed, hopeful child of God.  I have experienced the peace and love of Jesus through John and his family, and now I experience the peace and love of Jesus in my own heart, mind and life.  I have learned the importance of being in relationship not only with God, but also with other people.  Most importantly I have realized how much God truly loves me personaly (Christopher Alan Stewart).  And that love that I feel from God makes me love God, myself and everyone around me.

Graduation Day

We were totally stoked to be able to pull off one of Chris's life list desires.  All of his life he had wanted to go sky diving and God provided a way to make that happen.  His heart is to see passion and desire come to life in his son's.  It was amazing to watch Chris come alive as he was given the chance to live on the edge!  

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