Wild at Heart Boot Camp June 2014 hosted by Newcor


At the end of each boot camp we ask for feedback from the men who attended the event.  Here are a few quotes from some of the men's experiences while they were here:

- "An awesome weekend to get away and learn what it means to be a man of God."

- "The feeling that others have had or are having the same experiences in life that I have had."

- "It will change your life!"

- "Life changing.  Men living like the Lord intended."

- "I am walking in the land of the living again."

- "Taking dad with me in every situation.  I am a warrior ALL the time, not just during hard times."

- "You won't know unless you go!"

- "When you don't give up, you cannot fail."

- "Bonding with each session and just being with men with the same kind of mess."

- "Stay with it, there is one or more sessions that will speak to your heart intensely."