New Dad April 2011


NEWCOR Testimony 2011

 This testimony was received by mail, April 72011 from a man who was part of NEWCOR ministries class, taught at the Johnston Unit.  Due to TDCJ regulations, his name and personal information must be withheld.

 Hello brother John,

And how is my brother in Christ this day? I remembered you dared us to write, and I just wanted to say, that I am no lily livered man, but a man of God, who happens to like the way he looks in the mirror and doesn’t forget, because I do what the Word say amen!! James1:22. I truly wanted to say thank you for being a willing vessel of honor. A worker, who shows himself approved and correctly handles the word of God. You and your son and Wes truly inspired me to walk further into manhood. I love the way you boldly make known the truth, no fear, amen.

 You may remember me, I’m the man who had the little baby girl born on January 11th, 20011 while I was in prison. You introduced me as a new man. This man is the father of a new baby girl, and he is a brand new man of God. That’s right, the old man is dead. It really feels good knowing that I have let go of the old. It’s been a real long ride being trained to distinguish good from evil and letting go of the elementary teachings to walk in the truth for real. I thank God for everything I went through, and the brothers like you He placed in my life to help remove the scales from my eyes, divine appointments amen!!

 I’ve been doing well. I have about 1 more month here at the half way house, and then I get to go home to my wife and baby girl. I have a job, now worries, no cigarettes. I don’t even think about doing drugs and I don’t think about not doing drugs. I meditate on the truth and I love the freedom it brings. The relief of letting go and believing the promises of God and the inspiration of others faith that has taken root in my heart. Keep up the good fight man. I have a stepson, who lost his father 4 yrs. Ago in a car wreck; God has placed me in his life for a reason. He needs a real man of God to look up to and I’m asking you to pray for me that our relationship be strengthened and built on the solid foundation of the Holy Spirit.

  It would mean a lot to me to have my manhood brothers pray for us. Thank you John, for everything. For God does not forget the love you show Him, by helping His people.

Write me back and let me know how the ministry is going. You will be in my prayers.

Love your brother in Christ