The Newsome Center of Reconciliation

Mission Statement:


To assist others in re-establishing proper, loving interpersonal relationships

with God the Father, themselves, family, community and the body of Christ,

which have been broken or disrupted.



To Provide a functioning organization focused on the reconciliation of families and the restoration of community.

To be capable of bringing the good news to the poor and afflicted through a variety of programs and resources made available to those in need.

To work closely with other organizations, i.e., churches, community centers, schools, and civil agencies to help meet those needs.

To reach out to the brokenhearted by offering practical help and relationship to the widowed and single parents.

To take an active interest in the people of our community and providing a network of communication between neighbors.

To offer liberty through residential and outpatient help to those held captive by drug and alcohol addiction.

The same help will be made available to those making the difficult transition of re-entering society after having paid their debt in prison.

To work closely with the local municipalities, businesses and other like-minded organizations

we will provide relationship, education, job placement, and family therapy.

To take part in reconciling men to God the Father, themselves, their family, community and the Church.

This will produce the spiritual leaders needed in the homes, workplace and community.

We will function as a nonprofit faith based organization from our campus in Newsome, Texas.

Our team will consist of volunteers, counselors, chaplains, teachers and pastors.

Together we will provide relationship, education, career placement and belief therapy to all those who qualify.



In November of 2001 our family was on the brink of total destruction. Trish and I were emotionally divorced and she was living with my parents in Alvarado. I was at the end of my rope, I couldn't get off the meth and was spiraling out of control. Then one Friday afternoon Jesus showed up in the living room of our broken home and radically changed our lives forever.  

John Fennell, Sr.

President Newcor, Inc.


Former Meth addict, informally trained, radically reconciled by Christ Jesus.

Reborn 11/16/2001.

Married 26 yrs to my high school sweetheart

Father of two John Ryan & Jessica Marie

Pastor, Newcor Ministries

Certified Belief Therapist, Therapon Inst.

Student/Teacher Ministry International Inst.

Volunteer Instructor-TDCJ Johnston Unit



The Kingdom of Heaven, Family, Friends, Fishing, Harleys and Drag racing.

Patricia Fennell

Vice-President, Newcor Inc.



Former Alcolohlic, informally trained, radically reconciled by Christ Jesus.

Reborn 10/2001.

Married 26 yrs.

Mother to many

Belief Therapist, Therapon Inst.

Studying to be LPCC.

Volunteer instructor Titus County jail.

Volunteer Morgans Mercy Mansion



Reading, Fishing, Baking, Family.