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There is a war being fought for the hearts of men.  We will win this war because the weapons of our warfare are not those of the flesh.  Instead, they are the power of God to destroy the enemy's stronghold and free our men.

The 2014 building project was a huge success, thanks to this group of men!  They came from all over the United States to help.  We worked non-stop for a week merging our two dorm buildings into one big dorm.  It was a huge blessing to be able to work alongside these mighty men.

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Food Distribution Mission
We would not have ever imagined the local food distribution mission would have grown so rapidly. Since the beginning of 2015 we have witnessed this part of the ministry explode. Our ally network has tripled in size since we began in December of 2014. We are now serving alongside thirteen other ministries to get much needed food into the hands of our neighbors. In the first 6 weeks of 2015, we have distributed more than 1900 loaves of bread, over 1000 bottles of soda and hundreds of pounds of produce. This food is being delivered to ministries and door to door to people who otherwise wouldn't have food, right here in Camp,Titus, and Wood counties. Please remember this outreach in your prayers and contact us if you know of neighbors out there who need food. We want to help...
Men being set free from their past, while in prison!!!

 Meet our Brothers from Alabama

During one of the most powerful weekends we've ever experienced mens hearts were set free and  a brotherhood was forged.  

Prayer Strategy Conference

Our 2nd annual Newsome feeding

Some of our brothers from Northeast Texas Bikers Church showed up.

Teaching alongside my son in prison!
This was an incredible time, teaching on fighting for the hearts of your children alongside John Ryan was a moment in our lives and the lives of these men we won't soon forget.
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Jakob's baptism

Growth is exciting

Thanks to all those who have blessed us with their help, our building project is well underway. 

More growth happening here!  The merging of the two dorm buildings.

Trout fishing on the beautiful White River

Guest Speaker: Kelley Stephenson


Doug, Rian, and Jeff cooking for the community

September 2015 boot camp team
Rick Glover, John R Fennell, Casey Miner, John A Fennell, Tim Little, Barry Strickland and Greg Sailors. It is always an honor to serve with these guys.